About Me

Hi I’m Melanie and my aim is to live a fabulous life on a Lemonade Budget xx

I am a London escapee now living in the Kent Countryside. I’m trying to get used to a slower pace of life, which is not easy for someone who has a slight tendency towards attention deficit disorder. I am rarely sitting still and my life revolves around a full time job as a School Business Manager, studying for several Diplomas including Business Management, Diet Specialist and Life Coaching. renovating a run down mid-century semi whilst trying to stay fit, health and fashionable as I head towards my 50’s. And all this on a modest budget.

I am passionate about everything I do and my life experiences have taught me how important it is to be happy, positive and kind. I have had many challenges in my life including an ongoing battle with mental health issues, including depression and low self esteem. For the most part these days I am winning that battle and one big step for me was my creation of the #mystylephotochallenge on Instagram. Over the last three years this daily photo challenge has developed into a wonderful community of friendly and supportive ladies from all over the UK. This community also gave me the confidence to finally start my blog two years ago.

I still refer to myself as a new blogger as I am definitely still finding my feet. For the most part I am a part time blogger. My posts can be somewhat sporadic due to work and life pressures. And I write for myself as much as an audience.

I predominantly write about my life experiences and the things I love. So my blog includes posts on everything from mental health issues, fashion, health & fitness, interiors and really just my life in general.

I am no expert on any particular area. This blog is my outlet and a place for me to share my thoughts & experiences and to interact with other like-minded people.

I hope you enjoy reading about my crazy life and please always feel free to contact me or share your own thoughts on my posts.


Melanie xxxx