A New Venture



It has been a while since I have written a blog post on here. Life and work often gets in the way and sometimes I find that I lack the inspiration to write about anything in particular.

One thing that has been inspiring me lately though is my wardrobe. My love of clothes has been reignited. Partly due to an improvement in my financial situation which has given me a little extra money to spend on clothes and partly because I have finally shifted the last of the pounds and inches that I have been trying to lose for the last three years. I am finally back to my pre-menopause weight and size and this has left me feeling much better about myself and more confident.

I still have a little toning to do but for now I am happy with how I look and I am just so pleased that my passion for clothes has returned. I have even started being more adventurous with my clothes and am slowly developing my own signature style, particularly at work.

I have been more active on Instagram lately and am enjoying posting pictures of my outfits, on Tuesday evening I was lucky to have the opportunity to attend the Marks & Spencer Autumn/Winter fashion preview. I had a fantastic night with my Insta-friend Liz and I loved some of the new items that will be hitting their stores in a couple of months.

Instagram can be a great source of inspiration for outfits and recently I have received a few comments about the outfits I have been wearing to work. This has led me to decide to focus my Instagram posts on my work style, showcasing outfits that are fun and colourful. I have re-branded my Instagram account with a name change melanie.mystyleatwork and I have also decided to start a new blog called My Style at Work, to run alongside my Instagram posts. The focus of my new blog will be fashion and style for work. If you are interested in clothes pop over and take a look. My first blog post is live and gives a little insight into what to expect from my new blog.

I will still be active on this blog and continue to post about mental health and self-care as these are topics that are very important to me. I just thought it made sense to separate my two passions so as to target the right audience.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope to see some of you over at

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