Self Care Sunday 28th January

This is just a brief post this week as I really have struggled to find some time for myself this week. It has been very busy at work and I have had a cold lingering all week. So I have not been very good at keeping up with my self-care.

It wasn’t a good start to the week. I hit the snooze button one too many times which ended up with me getting up late and then having to rush around to get ready for work. It is on mornings like this I am tempted to skip my normal morning routine. But I am becoming more mindful of the fact I need to take care of myself. So even though I was short on time I did stick to my normal skincare routine of using a cleasning milk followed by micellar water before moisturising and putting on my face for the day ahead.

I don’t use expensive products, I stick to what I know my skin likes. Products that I know don’t irritate. I used to be able to use anything on my face but since going through the Menopause I have found that my skin is drier and more sensitive. At the moment I am using Garnier products. Both of these are available on the high street.

Garnier Soothing Botanical Cleansing Milk with Rose Water currently £2.33 at Boots

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for Sensitive Skin currently £3.33 at Boots

Tuesday was hectic at work. I had a couple of my admin staff off sick which left me running around and it was a late finish due to some issues in our Late Care provision that I had to take care of. By the time I got home all I wanted to do was have a hot shower and crash out in front of the TV. My cold was also still lingering and I really needed comfort food. I was tempted to pop out and grab fish and chips but my lovely husband took over the cooking and presented with a bowl of Pasta Bolognese. Comfort food at it’s best. It meant I could then put my feet up and  catch up on the last few episodes of This is Us. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. This is a show that will have you laughing and crying in equal measure.

On Wednesday morning I was feeling a little better. I had booked a day at home to study. I am part way through my Diploma of School Business Management. I have three 5000 word assignments to submit in two weeks. And as usual I have been so busy at work I have put everything else to one side. I am very behind and so I ended up glued to my laptop for 8 hours reading all about Strategic Development Plans. And yes it is as exciting as it sounds !!

I finally finished at 6pm and again I really did not feel like cooking. Everyone has weeks like that don’t they? My husband came to the rescue again, suggesting we move our planned curry night (which was this weeks “Couples Quality Time”) from Saturday to midweek. I certainly wasn’t going to protest. So we walked into our Village centre and enjoyed an Indian feast at our favourite local Indian restaurant (we have two to chose from in our Village). We actually prefer going there during the week as they have a special offer on from Sunday to Thursday. £11.95 for a three course meal. Every time we visit we try to have something different. We are slowly working our way through the menu. This week we opted for mini lamb kebabs to start, followed by Butter Chicken and King Prawn Goan. I left feeling happy and de-stressed with a very full stomach.

Thursday was another busy day at work. I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with auditors. I knew it was going to be another late night and that I wouldn’t have time in the evening for any “me time” so I decided to do something different with my hair in the morning. I used another of my Birchbox products to try to create a bit of volume in my hair. My hair is fine and does not hold styling products for more than a couple of hours. I tried this product and was pleasnatnly surprised. It didn’t last all day but it did last longer than any other products I have tried before. My hair felt lovely and soft and fluffy for most of the day. In fact it felt like it was full of air. I would have liked it to last all day but that has not put me off trying the product again, maybe on a night out.

If you have hair like mine it might be worth giving it a try. Although £15 is quite expensive if it doesn’t work. Maybe try and hunt down a sample size. However you can purchase the full size product at

I was so glad when Friday arrived. IT was another busy day at work when another of my staff went down with Tonsillitis, along with quite a few of our children. I was very aware that I had not spent much time with my husband this week, so we decided to have an impromptu drink at our local pub. We do like to go to the pub together at the end of a busy week, we have a table in the corner that we always sit at and we then spend a couple of hours catching up on what has been going on during the week and getting all those work stresses out of the way so we can relax and enjoy the weekend.

I woke on Saturday feeling really rough, the cold, that had been lingering all week, had finally taken hold along with a lovely cold sore on the end of my nose. I spent the day at home doing household chores, including cleaning my dressing room which seems to deteriorate during the week. I also decided to restart the Bodycoach new 90 Day Plan. I didn’t exercise, opting to take this day as one of the two weekly rest days but I did stick to the healthy reduced carb meals, starting the day with a good breakfast.

Saturday night was spent watching the voice and enjoying a nice meal together before another day of studying today. I did make sure that I took regular breaks this time. Writing a couple of blog posts and cooking a few meals for the week ahead, which is going to be another busy one. I am hosting the first School Business Manager Networking event on Tuesday and I am a little nervous. I am hoping that it goes well and that it leads to more events in the future.

I can’t believe it is February this week. January seems to have passed quite quickly. Or is that just me. I have a couple of nice things to look forward to next month. Afternoon Tea with my two instagram friends Liz and Alex and or course it is Valentines Day on the 14th. We don’t do the whole card and present thing and we begrudge going out and paying a premium to eat. So we will do what we have done for the last couple of years. Buy an M&S Valentines Meal for Two and watch a movie on Netflix. Also a new month brings a new #mystylephotochallenge I am looking forward to February’s prompts. Letters of the Alphabet. I have been terrible at joining in these last few months but next month I am going to make a concerted effort to post every day. After all it doesn’t look very good when the person who created the challenge doesn’t join in.


So that was my last Self Care Sunday post for January. I’m sorry it wasn’t very exciting or that I didn’t share any new ideas for self-care this week. Hopefully I can do better next week. But to be honest I am probably going to struggle to find the time again as it is another busy week ahead.

Thank you for reading. I hope you manage to find time for a little self-care this week.


Melanie xxxx

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