Funday Friday

We slept in this morning and had to make a mad dash down to the restaurant for breakfast. With no time to give any thought to what to wear I threw on the old faithful H&M Swing Dress over my leggings. Which as it happened was the ideal outfit for tucking into the biggest omelette I have ever seen. Stupidly I didn’t stop there and also decided to eat a big bowl of fresh fruit followed by a pain au chocolate with my coffee. I have a serious case of my eyes being too big for my belly.

We had a slow start to the morning spending a couple of hours in the lounge drinking coffee and making use of the free wifi.

At lunchtime, after my breakfast had finally gone down, we took a slow walk into the town via a beautiful complex called the ‘Old Village’ it is so pretty. Villas and apartments painted in pastel colours and immaculate gardens. Some of the places are available to rent as holiday homes and the complex has its own pools and a selection of restaurants. We are seriously considering renting one next Summer as we would love to come back to Vilamoura when it’s a little busier.

Relaxed Skinny Jeans – old from Next

Blue Pheasant Blouse – Next ss17

White Leather Trainers –

Pom Pom Bag – purchased in holiday three years ago

Anyway once we arrived in town we had a little wander around the shops. Unfortunately I couldn’t buy anything as I have no spare room in my teeny tiny case. After window shopping we headed to a waterside bar for a couple of drinks. Enjoying the sunshine and the view for a couple of hours. It is very easy here to just sit and watch the world go by.

While we we were at the Marina we spotted a fabulous grill restaurant that was re-opening that evening after being closed for the Christmas period. We were still yet to have our Piri Piri chicken and this looked like the perfect place so we decided to walk back down later that night.

At this point I had run out of anything new to wear so I was going to have to wear something on repeat. I decided on my black ruffle dress from River Island which I wore on the first night. But instead of wearing it the conventional way I used my imagination and wore it as a maxi skirt using a safety pin to secure it at the waist. I threw on a shimmery slouchy jumper, which I have had for years and the result was a new outfit.

Black Ruffle Dress (worn as a skirt) – River Island

Black Shimmery Jumper – old from Next

Cream Wedges – ss17

When I was younger and in fact in the early days of being a single mum, I had no spare money for clothes so I used to improvise a lot. I would wear an item of clothing in a different way or customise clothes to create new outfits. This was before the days of Primark and the cheaper, fast fashion that we have today. Sometimes I miss it. I think the art of putting together outfits and being individual has disappeared somewhat as a lot of people now just buy and wear exactly what they see in a magazine or on another person (particularly true on Instagram) but that’s another blog post altogether.

Anyway we enjoyed an amazing meal. And fell into bed just before midnight completely exhausted.

Melanie xxxx

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