The Long Walk

Today we headed out early for the hour long walk to the Gypsy Market. Our walk took us through some authentic Portuguese villages where little houses lined cobbled roads. With no pavements to walk on we took evasive action diving into doorways to avoid the speeding locals. We were a little disappointed with the market but at least there was a coffee shop to rest our weary legs and avoid a short rain shower.

Luckily I dressed appropriately in comfortable clothes which were not only suitable for the long walk but also hid my growing food baby.

After the short rest we took a different route back to the Marina along the coast before stopping for a cold beer in the sunshine.

Cropped Leggings – old Next

Oversize White Shirt – old Primark

White Trainers – current

Pom Pom Scarf – old Primark

It has been a little breezy the last couple of days which has resulted in me getting a minor ear infection and prompted a quick visit to the local Farmacia to get it checked. Luckily it turned out to be nothing serious and Ibuprofen seems to be keeping the pain away.

This evening the hotel were holding a cocktail evening with free drinks for an hour for all guests. It was a nice way for us all to mingle and chat to each other. Not always something that happens when people are busy going their separate ways on holiday.

Tonight was also Italian night in the restaurant. The themed nights are such good value for money. 25 Euro’s for a buffet style meal and basically as much as you can eat. It is hard not to over indulge as the food is so good. Luckily I bought another tent like dress with me to hide my ever expanding tum. I think the term used for this style of outfit is “buffet dress” which was very appropriate for tonight’s feast.

Black Swing Dress – old H&M

Black Raw Hem Skinny Jeans – old

Cream Wedges – ss17

We decided on an early night tonight as we were both exhausted. Tomorrow we are having a lazy day as we are planning on going “out out” tomorrow night to visit a few of the livelier bars on the Marina.

I definitely need a good nights sleep to help me stay awake for tomorrow’s shenanigans.

Melanie xxxx

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