Happy Holiday Packing with Tears & Tantrums

Every other year we go away for Christmas. This year we are spending six days and nights in Vilamoura on the Algarve. It’s not lie on the beach weather but it is warm and sunny during the day which is ideal for long walks and relaxing with a book on the balcony. Our Christmas holidays are for quality couple time and recharging the batteries.

I was in Scrooge mode when we booked the flights back in May and decided not to book (and pay the extortionate fee) for hold luggage. It seemed like a perfectly rational idea at the time but the reality was four hours of my life complete with tears, and eventually alcohol, trying to squeeze what I wanted to take into a suitcase the size of my underwear drawer.

This was what I had planned to take.

The reality was a little different because I had forgotten to factor in toiletries and make-up, my kindle, a couple of small Christmas gifts…. basically anything non-clothes related had slipped my mind.

So if you want to see what I managed to actually fit into my teeny tiny suitcase catch my holiday blog posts over the next few days for a round up of my outfits and my adventures (there are always a few as my Norman Wisdom brain takes over when I am on holiday).

Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for reading my blog posts this year and supporting me here and on Instagram 😘

Melanie xxxx

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