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My Christmas Wish List

This year my husband and I are scaling back on the amount we spend on Christmas gifts for a couple of reasons. 1) We have spent our money on a Christmas holiday to the Algarve (we tend to go away for a cheap Winter sun holiday every other year as it really helps with my S.A.D symptoms) and b) my income has been much reduced this last year since leaving my job in London and starting on a new career path as a School Business Manager in a local Primary School.

So with this in mind my wish list is not overly extravagant. In fact it is made up of a small number of items that I have carefully selected which I would like as they will fit in with my plans and goals for next year. Yes I have already started to think about 2018 and what I want to achieve. I am a planner. I don’t do New Years resolutions but I do set myself goals for the year. I don’t always reach them but I always make some headway.

This year has been work, work, work. I have achieved so much this year. I can’t actually believe how far I have come in a career I only started just over a year ago. To be honest I do feel I have earned my success. I have worked hard. Work has dominated my life and I have had very little time for myself or my family. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made in the short term to obtain a long term benefit. And the long hours and hard work is finally starting to pay off. Two months ago I was promoted onto the Senior Leadership Team at school. Following that, the Board of Governors have agreed that my role and job description can be re-evaluated which will lead to an increase in my grade, a revised contract and a pretty good pay rise in the new year.

I also now have a great team of ladies working for me which means I can hand over a big chunk of admin work, which takes up a lot of my time, and concentrate of some new projects that will benefit the school including setting up and running training and networking events for School Business Managers across Kent. It also means I will be able to enjoy life outside of work and make time to look after myself.

Something that has come out of this last year, having a very small disposable income, is the change in my attitude to material things, especially clothes. For a few years I was used to buying what I wanted, when I wanted it. This year has been the complete opposite. It has been hard at times. Especially trying to curb my clothes shopping habit. But as the year went on I found that I wanted less. I have enjoyed being creative with what I already own and I now realise that I really do not need lots of new things all of the time.

Because my mindset has changed I actually found it quite hard coming up with a wish list for my husband. But I have managed to select a few items that I would love to see under my Christmas tree.

Cuarated Closet – Amazon £11.89

I think this will help me even further in my endeavour to create a capsule wardrobe. I haven’t bought any new clothes since August and I would like to continue with this into next year and continue to save my money for other more important things. I have heard great reviews about this book so I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Women’s Health Magazine Subscription Approx £25 per year

My husband buys me a magazine subscription every year. The last few of years it has included Women & Home Magazine, Glamour Magazine and Red Magazine. This year I have chosen a health and fitness magazine as this is going to be my priority in 2018.

Boxing Gloves Amazon £13.99

Following on with the health and fitness theme. I am planning on restarting Boxercise Classes at my local gym. Our PE coach at school is also considering running classes for staff too so I think I will get a lot of use out of these. I have never had my own gloves before as I have always used ones provided in the class.

Liz Earle Gift Set Boots £25.00

I use L’Oreal skincare every day but these are my favourite beauty products for a once a week beauty treat. I love to spend a Sunday morning having a pamper session at home. It is a nice way to relax and it sets me up for the week ahead.

Essential Oil Diffuser Amazon £22.99

I love essential oils and many years ago I did a very short course in basic aromatherapy. The benefits on mood and health are amazing and I used to use oils in my bath (before the days where I only gave a shower in my bathroom). I do still occasionally use a candle oil burner but they are only any good for short little bursts. I would like to se essential oils more often especially to help me relax as I struggle to switch off sometimes. One of the lovely ladies I follow on a Instagram has been raving about her diffuser so I feel it is time I gave it a try.

Slippers Accessorise £20.00 and Loungewear set £25.00

There is something wonderful about getting new loungewear and slippers for Christmas. I always pop them on as soon as possible after Christmas lunch to curl up on the sofa and watch Christmas TV while scoffing chocolates and sipping a snowball. I am away for Christmas Day so if I am lucky enough to find these under the tree I will be indulging in this tradition on New Years Day instead.

So there is my little round of items on my Christmas Wish List. I won’t receive them all as my hubby does not like to buy straight off a list. He may select one or two and then add a couple of surprises. If I am really lucky it might be one of these things that I may have mentioned in passing….

So what is on your list to Santa this year? And have you been good enough to get what you wish for 😉

Thank you for reading


Melanie xxxx

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