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Wardrobe Overhaul – Part 3


Wearing the right colours can make such a difference to how you look and feel. As with Body Shape it can be quite a challenge to trawl through all the information out there to discover your “Colours” but once you do find them it really is quite liberating.
I have spent many hours over the years trying to find out which colours make me look amazing. It is all well and good wearing the right shape clothes that fit your body shape but if the colour is not right the outfit will just look average.
Wearing the perfect colours can light up your face and make your eye colour pop. The wrong colours can leave you looking tired and dull. I now know that when I wear certain colours I am likely to receive compliments bout my appearance. I know that when I wear shades of blue, particularly navy, I receive compliments about the colour of my eyes. When I wear colours such as coral, crisp pink and red people tell me how well I look.
Using this information I am making a concerted effort to buy clothes in these colours, as it is obvious they work well for me. It is much harder to figure out the colours that don’t work. Most people are not as willing to tell you how awful you look. They are most likely to say nothing at all. We all like to receive compliments. It puts a smile on our face and makes us feel confident and walk tall. That is why I think wearing the right colours is so important.
I have read so many books trying to figure out my colour palette. I wish it were easy but I find the process complicated and often end up with different results each time. There are so many things to consider and lots of talk about hues and undertones and seasons. My brain just can’t keep up. The one resource I would say is worth a read is the Colour Me Beautiful book shown below. It covers a lot of the information in a clear concise way and has at least given me something I feel I can use.
If you are short on time and wanting to do a mini wardrobe overhaul then there are some simple steps you can take to figure out what colours work for you. I have followed this process and it gave me the same results as the Colour Me Beautiful book.
First is the easy one. Do you have a warm or cool skin tone? If you look better in gold jewellery them you have a warm skin tone and if silver looks better then you have a cool skin tone. Remember though it is what suits you best not what you like best.
Secondly have a look at the veins on the underside of your arm. If they are more of a blue colour then you have a cool skin tone whereas the veins on a warm toned skin will look more green than blue.
Next think about how your skin reacts to the sun. Warm skinned tones tend to tan easily. Cool skin tones are more likely to colour red and burn.
The last of these steps is to think about which neutral shades flatter you most. Do you look better in bright white and the darkest black or are off whites, cream and brown hues more flattering. If the latter is the answer then you have a warm skin tone. Cool skin tones look great in bright white and black.
Once you have decided whether you are warm or cool you can then move on to discover what season you are. Warm skin tones tend to be Spring or Autumn and Cool skin tones Summer or Winter.

Cool Skin Tone with Dark Hair & Dark Eyes = Winter

Cool Skin Tone with Light Hair & Light Eyes = Summer


Warm Skin Tone with Dark Hair & Dark Eyes = Autumn

Warm Skin Tone with Light Hair & Light Eyes = Spring

Some may feel they are a mix of two Seasons and for this purpose that is quite acceptable. You can define your colouring further to light, dark, clear versions of each Season with a much more in-depth analysis. I have used this simple version to give me a basic understanding, so that I can incorporate the most flattering colours into my wardrobe.
Using the steps detailed above I am clearly a SPRING.

I know that I am definitely a Warm Skin Tone as gold does look better on me than silver and I tan very easily. I know from experience that Off White looks better on me than Bright White. And as much as I love Black when I wear it next to my face it leaves me looking pale and washed out. That does not mean I am going to stop wearing black, however it does mean that when I do I will also wear a scarf or statement necklace in one of the colours on my palette which then balances out the negative affects.

I have looked at photos of myself wearing black and it is amazing the difference I can see between two photos, one where I am wearing no accessories and one where I have a statement gold necklace. The first photo is unflattering whereas the second looks much better.

Looking at photos of yourself can be very informative. Instagram has become a useful tool for me to see what works and doesn’t work. It actually becomes quite easy to identify the colours that have a negative affect. And those items of clothing will be heading for the OUT pile this weekend.


The criteria for my ‘Wow Wardrobe’ is now growing and on the list are colours such as Navy, Clear Bright Blues, Khaki, Red, Orange, Coral, Clear Bright Pinks and shades of Brown, Cream and Gold including Camel.
Have you found the information above useful? Which Season are you? Are you aware of colours that flatter you? I would love to hear your comments on colour analysis. Do you think it is useful or a load of rubbish?
Thank you for reading.

Melanie xxxx

Note : The original version of this post first appeared on http://www.wigglewhenyouwalk.blogspot.co.uk in August 2015

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