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Wardrobe Overhaul Series


Two years ago on my previous blog (www.wigglewhenyouwalk.blogspot.co.uk) I published my Wardrobe Overhaul Series. It was popular with a lot of readers and so I have decided to revamp and republish the series as I am am just about to start a big clear-out of my wardrobe.

I have had a number of big life changes over the last couple of years including children leaving home, marriage, moving to a new area and starting a new career. I have a completely different lifestyle than I had two years ago. I am also undergoing some self-improvement/counselling (which I will talk about another time) and so my mindset and emotional wellbeing is changing. I have accumulated alot of stuff over these last few years that I have actually come to realise I do not really need. I am slowly decluttering my life, my home and my mind. The first area that needs an overhaul is my wardrobe. I just have too many clothes. It becomes impossible to work out what to wear. I can go weeks without having to do any washing or ironing. That just goes to show just how many items of clothing I have.

I have created a cycle of clearing out and then refilling. The refilling needs to stop so I am now limiting myself to only shopping for clothes a couple of times a year. I really don’t “NEED” anything. It’s time to scale down and let go of the crutch that is my wardrobe. I feel that to some extent that clothes have become an emotional comfort blanket to me over the years. And as I start to work on a few issues from my childhood I am slowly realising I can be happy without “stuff”.

Now before we start I would like to point out I am no expert. I have no formal training and everything I do and say is based on information I have absorbed over the years from books and magazines and from my own experiences and style hits and misses. What works for me isn’t necessarily going to work for everyone but if any of you gain a little knowledge or inspiration from my posts then that is great. And I am always open to tips and advice from others if you want to share.

My Wardrobe Overhaul is made up of four stages :

1. Creating a Wardrobe that Works for your Lifestyle

This is what I call the planning stage. Working out what actually works for your lifestyle. Do you really need all those sparkly outfits when in reality you spend all day in jeans and only dress up once a month.

2. Finding My Wow Factor

This looks at body shape and wearing clothes that flatter. When I last carried out a big wardrobe overhaul two years ago I ended up only keeping clothes that I felt amazing in. But over the last couple of years I have slipped back into buying and keeping clothes that I think look OK but don’t really make me look in the mirror and think WOW.

3. Colour Me Beautiful

Here I talk about colours. I worked out my colours several years ago and I do tend to stick to buying those that are on my chart. It really is a lightbulb moment when you go through this process and finally work out what flatters your complexion.

4. Style and Sensibility

The final stage is where I talk about style and inspiration and the reality of trying to emulate those images that you see on Pinterest or on other ladies on Instagram. It is the final stage of the overhaul and really brings together all the stages above.
I hope you enjoy the following posts and I would love to hear your comments. How many of you are embarking on a Wardrobe Cull. It’s not an easy task. I am sure we all have that one item etched on our memory that we discarded in error. That’s why it is good to plan and work out what actually suits you and works for your lifestyle.
Thank you for reading.

Melanie xxxx

2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Overhaul Series

  1. I had a big wardrobe cull but have left myself with limited items that I actually enjoy wearing. At the moment because of my body shape and the weight I feel like it’s pointless to spend money on myself and find it very difficult to enjoy getting dressed (obviously the weight loss is a different subject I need to address). I wear the same outfits on rotation and really struggle with enjoying my clothes. I have recently been more analytical about what I like to wear and the colours I prefer but I find it hard to translate that into my everyday style! Also going back to the corporate world means that my mainly casual wardrobe is seriously lacking!


    1. It does take time to build up a great wardrobe, don’t rush out to buy stuff for work. Hi I about what you need and what looks good. I made that mistake when I dropped two dress sizes last year and just ended up with loads of stuff I really not that keen on xx


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