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Lemonade Lifestyle Summer Shopping Spree

At the end of each Summer I usually have a little shopping spree. I pick up a few end of Summer sale bargains and also buy a couple of new season items.

I have become more mindful when shopping for clothes. You have to when living on a budget. So I have picked items that will work with what I already have or ones that I know I will wear over and over again.  I think it also helps that I have created a wardrobe that is predominantly made up of the same colour palette. Ones that I know flatter my skin tone. For me this is Blues, Khaki, Reds, Pinks, Coral. I have very little black in my wardrobe and instead of white my neutral is cream.

So here is my shopping haul…


One of my favourite sites. I love that you can find lots of items that are very different from what is on the UK high street, so less chance of going out and finding half a dozen women wearing the same outfit. They also have pretty good discounts last week I ordered a few items with 70% off and at the moment there is 25% off everything with the code BIG25.

This high neck Cashmere/Cotton mix jumper is going to look great with black leather leggings or leather skirts.I can’t wait for these to arrive. I live in trainers with jeans and skirts and these are the perfect AW colour. Two simple 3/4 sleeve dresses for my December holiday to Portugal. It is still warm during the Winter months but can be a little chilly in the evenings so 3/4 sleeves are perfect. These were delivered at the weekend and they are divine. The leather is soft and they have that 1970’s look about them, which I love. I am not sure if I am keeping yet as they are a touch too high for me. I have ordered alternatives from Next so will wait to compare the two.


A couple of items that will be perfect for my holiday. That will stand the test of time and also be perfect for next Summer too.

This dress was in the sale and I have been looking for a Black Bardot Midi Dress all Summer. This will be another great holiday dress but will also work for the Christmas party season.I paid full price for these and they are worth every penny. I cant think of anything they are not going to look good with. They will definitely be coming to Portugal with me.


Sale Items

I didn’t check out the sale earlier in the month as at that point I didnt really know what I wanted to add to my wardrobe. And If I shop without a list I tend to end up buying a whole load of stuff that looks great online or on others but awful on me. So when I popped on to have a look a the weekend I wasn’t expecting to find much left. But I was pleasantly surprised there was plenty of nice things still to be found. I was pleased to find a few classic neutral tops that will replace some older ones in my wardrobe.

These two tops are going to replace a couple of old black and white tops in my wardrobe that have seen better days. I love the shoulder detail on the black knitted top and the big sleeves on the white top are still on trend for AW.Yes I bought this Insta-Famous top. I felt it was a bit pricey for me originally, but at £20 it was more acceptable. It will also fill that boho blouse hole in my wardrobe and again will be perfect for a Winter Sun Holiday.I am hoping this is going to be a winner. I have been looking for a White Summer dress for the last couple of years and have yet to find one that I love and isn’t too see-through.I bought the yellow version of this belt several months ago and always get lots of lovely comments about it so when I saw this I had to have it. I am thinking how great it will look with black trousers or dark denim,


New In

There are some lovely new AW items in Next at the moment. I could of easily spent a fortune but decided to pick a just a few that will work with what I already own. I  am also sticking to a colour palette of Red, Burgundy and Blue which makes it easier to mix and match items to create lots of different outfits.

These are the alternatives to the LA Redoute boots. The heel is a little lower and I love the slouched look (I have a gorgeous black suede pair exactly like this from two years ago) I am just hoping that they are long enough to wear with the skirts and dresses I have in mind.I love the colour burgundy in Autumn and Winter. And this is going to look great layered under a couple of my Summer Dresses. Plus Burgundy and Red are a perfect match together so this will be worn with a my Red Pencil Skirt.I cannot get through a year without adding to my collection of Jeans. There is always a different cut or colour to be embraced and this year is no exception. It seems that the Skinny Jean is no longer the number one denim style. This year it is all about the straight leg in dark denim. I always tend to opt for Next Jeans as they are one of the few places that I can get a good fit.

I just fell in love with this big statement jumper as soon as I saw it. And it is a bargain at £30. What’s not to love. Oversize Knit. Stripes. Different colours to coordinate with. Big Sleeves and Wide Cuffs. I think we will see this everywhere this Winter. 

Another classic item for my wardrobe. A long tee for the warmer AW days. Red stripes are a winner. This will be replacing an old Red Stripe Sweatshirt that is years old, so I know I already have a use for this top.

So there you go, that is what I have been buying this last week. I am looking forward to my deliveries and creating some new outfits. When this little lot arrives I will be having a big wardrobe clear-out too. I am trying to live with less by shopping smarter. Picking styles and colours that I know suit me and work with other items I have.

This is also going to be my last shopping spree this year. My next purchases are likely to be the January sales. I will be shopping my wardrobe from heronin.

So have you been making any purchases in the Summer sales or have you already picked up any new season goodies? If you have I would love to know what you have got and how you are planning to wear them.

Happy shopping and thanks for reading.


Melanie xxxx

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