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The Weather Made Me Do It – Looking at the New Season Trends

I know it is still Summer and I really shouldn’t be thinking about Autumn/Winter but lets face it the weather over the last week or so has not really been conducive to wearing our Summer wardrobes. Instead of being out and about during my time off work I have taken to getting a few things done around the house and this includes having a good spring clean of my Dressing Room. Which has led me to also having  a good sort out of the vast amount of clothes I own. One black sack has been filled ready to sell on Ebay another is waiting to be dropped off at a local charity shop. I now have a tidy wardrobe full of Summer clothes and another pile of clothes waiting to regain their place in the wardrobe at the beginning of September, ready for cooler weather. Does anyone else do this during the Summer holidays?

As I have been sorting through the clothes I own I have been thinking about next season and what I am might be wearing.

I have been gaining a little inspiration from magazines and the internet. Checking out what the predicted Key Trends are for this Autumn/Winter. It seems that there are many. Certainly something for everyone. I have already spotted a few trends that I cannot wait to wear but I have also spied some that quite frankly I would never venture near in a million years a) because they wouldn’t suit me or my lifestyle and b) it would probably involve having to spend a substantial amount of money as they are not styles that I currently own (namely velvet, corduroy, sequins, feathers, embroidery and anything remotely shines/space age).  To be completely honest if I don’t already own items that are a nod to a particularly trend then it probably means that I have tried it in the past and decided it was not for me. Lets face it there is nothing new in fashion, that if you are over 40 you haven’t seen and tried before.

Anyway my budget for all things fashion related has decreased over the last year since moving to a new job out of London. And as this is also my first step into a whole new career I had to take a substantial drop in salary to start at the bottom of the ladder. So with that in mind I have decided that I don’t really want to spend any money on fashion trends next season. Actually I would prefer it if I could get away with not spending any money at all on clothes for at least the next 6 months (fat chance of that happening). I can’t say that I really “need” anything so I am going to try and “Shop my Wardrobe” and find things I already own that will work for some of the key trends for next season. I have selected some of my favourite trends that I know would work for me.


One of my favourite colours. It seems that the trend is to wear this fabulous colour from head to toe. I love these looks from Max Mara. But it is not easy to carry this off. It does take a certain amount of self confidence to wear bright pillar box red. Fortunately this trend does include all shades of the red palette including burgundy/wine, which I think may be easier for everyday wear. But I love red and have quite a few items in my wardrobe already so will definitely be wearing as much as I can next season.

Max Mara


Next to red, blue is another of my favourite colours. I own a lot of  blue, especially navy as I tend to chose this over black as my basic neutral. As I am getting older I have found black a little too harsh for my complexion. Vogue predicts that dusky/denim blue will be one of the key colours of the season. I love this look from Hermes and am now thinking of a jumper I own in almost that exact shade of blue.



Floral dresses are not disappearing. Which is great if, like me, you purchased one or more this summer. I do like getting my money’s worth so being able to wear an item of clothing from one season to the next is a bonus. Next season floral midi dresses are pictured being worn over the top of turtlenecks and with over the knee boots. Isabel Marant is the perfect example of this and M&S have included this style in their AW collection.

Isabel Marant


I love a pair of jeans and currently have somewhere in the region of about 20 + pairs. My husband thinks it is ridiculous how many pairs I have and rolls his eyes every time I even think about purchasing another pair. What does he know!! I wear jeans all the time when I am not working. Each pair I own is different in some way. I have a variety of colours, cuts, lengths etc so can usually find a pair that compliment the latest denim trend. It seems that next season the straight leg dark indigo jean is the going to be the most popular cut. Slightly slouchy and with a bit of a western feel. Are we going to see the return of the cowboy Boot. Now I wonder if I have still got that pair from the 90’s.

Emilia Wickstead


Calvin Klein


I love Midi Skirts and have added to my collection over the last couple of years. I own a few and I am looking forward to teaming them with chunky knits exactly like this Victoria Beckham outfit from her new AW collection.

Victoria Beckham


I am a massive fan of the trouser suit and it is my “go to” work outfit. I own several mix and match trouser/blazer suits in a variety of colours and cuts. I will continue to wear them for work but not sure that I would chose to wear them casually or on a night out. Like most people I tend to keep my workwear separate from my non-work attire. However maybe I could style the clothes a little differently to make it work for the weekend. I do love both of these styles from Isabel Marant and Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen

Isabel Marant


From what I have seen it seems that with Knitwear anything goes. Which is great for the bank balance. However, there are a couple of styles which for me stand out and which work with other trends I have mentioned above. Chunky oversized jumpers with midi skirts is one trend that I think looks great and turtlenecks under floral dresses is definitely something I will be following. Statement jumpers will also be very popular and I have seen some amazing colours and prints emerging. Cardigans are also due to make a comeback worn with knitted skirts. I do like the look of this style but as I am not planning on spending any money next season I may have to improvise and look to the couple of knitted bodycon midi dresses I have hanging unworn in my wardrobe.

M&S AW17


I would happily wear boots all year round and I always look forward to that point in time when the weather turns cooler and my favourite footwear finds its way out of the back of the wardrobe. This year two styles of boot have caught my eye. The overknee boot (yes punches air as I have two pairs that were neglected last year) and the slouch boot (another air punch). I have a particular fondness for a slouched boot that dates back to the 80’s. I saved my Saturday job money for months to purchase a pair of white linen mid calf slouchy boots when I was about 14/15. They were one of the first things I bought from Top Shop with money I had earnt myself. I wore them all the time with just about everything I owned. But mostly with a white mini dress that was made up of a tight skirt and a more fuller short-sleeved shirt on the top half (does anyone else remember this style of dress??) Obviously at 46 nearly 47 I am not going to recreate this look but I do own a gorgeous pair of black suede slouch boots that I purchased from Next two years ago. They are very Isabel Marant in style and for my budget were not a cheap buy. But I have worn them so many times now that they were well worth the investment. So I am so happy to see that slouchy boots are one of this years key trends. There is one boot that I am desperately trying not to fall in love with next season (although it may be too late). Red boots. How gorgeous are these. I can already think of a million ways to wear them. Dark Denim. Florals. Black Leather. I am going to need a lot of willpower not to give in and purchase a pair of bright red boots.

Isabel Marant

Michael Kors


Shearling and fun coloured Faux Fur look like they are going to be two of the big trends of this Autumn/Winter. Now I would love to be able to afford a full length Shearling Coat or a fabulous big pink faux fur jacket (like the one currently on sale in HM) but unfortunately unless I rob a bank this is not going to happen. So I have to look at some of the other trends and have a rummage through my vast cupboard of coats and jackets (the one space I haven’t got round to sorting yet) and see what works. As a general rule it looks like outerwear is generally oversized next season. Long belted coats, hugE cuddly Teddy Bear coats, Shearling/Faux Fur trimmed Aviator Jackets, Hi Gloss Macs and Biker Jackets, Fun colourful Faux Fur and big Quilted Coats.

Isabel Marant

M&S AW17


The waist is back. And wide waist cinching belts will be everywhere this AW. I have already seen this style on the fabulous Kat Farmer of doesmybumlook40 who wore it with a floral maxi dress. I am feeling pretty smug that I did not throw out the two I have lurking in the back of my wardrobe. Although I feel that Winter food may not b the perfect accompaniment to this style.


Isabel Marant
I am always excited for a new season . I get bored very easily and after about six weeks I am itching to wear different clothes. I am really looking forward to wearing some of the trends above, especially as I know I can utilise what I already own. I will be creating some posts over the coming weeks of exactly what I have in my wardrobe that will fit the new trends and how I plan to wear them. I am sure that a few more new styles will surface over the coming months and I may find that I dip my toe into something new. I really do not want to spend any of my hard earned cash next season but, and this is a big but, if I do it is likely to be on a pair of red boots and a big slouchy turtleneck in a bright statement colour.

What about you. Have you looked at what the new season fashion trends are? Which of them are you looking forward to wearing? Have you decided on any new purchases? As always I love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading.

Melanie xxxx


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