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The Wiggle When You Walk Plan

Following on from my previous Blog Post I have written out the details of my very own food and fitness plan which I am calling the WWUW Plan.

There are four stages of my plan each lasting three weeks. For the duration of the 12 weeks of the plan I will also be training for the Cancer Research Marathon Shine Walk which I am taking part in at the end of September.

Each stage will consist of 6 x workouts and 1 x rest day plus 2 x walks as detailed in my Marathon Training schedule. I will also aim to complete 8,000 steps a day as a minimum.

My diet each day will consist of 3 meals and 2 snacks. Each morning I will have my Lemonize drink, which I discovered whilst doing the Louise Parker Lean for Life method. For sometime I have limited myself to two cups of tea or coffee a day and this will not change, also I will continue to drink at least 2.5 litres of water a day.

With regards to supplements I always take Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 and Omega 3 each morning and Calcium with Vitamin D each evening.


The focus of this stage of my plan is to burn fat. To shift that extra layer that is sitting around my middle and upper arms. My inspiration for this stage comes from Cycle One of the Body Coach 90 Day SSS Plan, which I did last year.

Each week will include 5 x HIIT workouts, 1 x weight training session in the gym 1 x rest day.

My diet will include a three meals a day and two snacks including Carb Refuel meals after working out but reduced or zero carbs for all other meals.

My goal at the end of this Stage will be have lost a few pounds and made a noticeable difference to the fatty areas


After Fat Loss the next stage of my plan is to Sculpt and Tone. To tighten those stubborn areas and create muscle definition and strength in my core.

Each week’s workouts will consist of 2 x Pilates or Yoga sessions, 3 x Circuit Training using weights, 1 x TRX session and 1 x rest day.

My diet will include post workout carb refuel meals with an additional carb meal on the days where I exercise using weights.

My goal for Stage 2 is to have tightened up those wobbly areas and created a little definition ready to start building a little lean muscle in Stage 3.


For me, the next stage to sculpting and toning is to start to build strength and lean muscle by concentrating on weight training, using heavier weights.

Workouts each week will include 3 x weight training sessions, focusing on a different area each session: Legs, Arms, Back/Chest/Shoulders.  In addition to this I will also add 1 x swimming session to build strength in my upper body, 1 x Pilates session to continue to strengthen my core, 1 x 10k walk and 1 x rest day.

My diet will include meals rich in protein and 2 x carb meals on training days.

By the end of this stage my goal is to have increased my strength and lean muscle, particularly in my upper arms and legs.


This stage is all about puling together all the elements of the previous three stages to maintain fat loss, definition and strength. It will consist of a mixture of different workouts and eating healthy foods using fresh ingredients. Although this stage is planned to last three weeks, I am hoping that it offers enough variety to stop me from getting bored which means it is sustainable across a longer period of time.

Workouts in a typical week will include 2 x HIIT Workouts, 2 x Sculpting & Toning exercises using either Pilates, Yoga or TRX and 2 x Strength Workouts using heavy weights.

My diet each day, in Stage 4, will depend on the level of training on the specific day. On days where I am weight training two of my meals will contain carbs. On all other day’s only one meal will contain carbs.

I have taken inspiration for my health and fitness journey from a number of different sources. Books I have read and plans I have followed.

I am excited to see what I can achieve over the next 12 weeks and will be recording my journey here on my blog and via pictures on my Instagram Account.

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey and I would love to hear if you have any tips to help me on my way to achieving my goals.

Thank you for reading.

Melanie xxxx


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